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ARUP - Committed To The Long Run: Our Story


Create inspirational videos that focus on the corporate and human aspects of the major events for host cities, focusing on the individuals, community, and city.

Helping potential Host Cities realise the long term sustainable benefits of hosting major events through Arup’s experience and expertise. 



The brief was to create a series of films to satisfy the above brief, working from the initial creative concept, research & planning, field production & post-production, to the final delivery. 

Using the Lima 2019 Games as a case study, we wanted to create a concept that quickly communicated the grassroots and broader impact of large scale events to a global audience. Part of this challenge was to tell the stories of the different stakeholders including the host (Lima 2019) and the citizens of Peru, Arup (the client), and the Athletes themselves in both the Pan American and ParaPan American Games. The mission was to show how they worked together as a team to achieve their dream.  

Not only did we want to demonstrate the tangible impact but also, using fact and sporting metaphor. Illustrating the commitment and sacrifices made by these stakeholders to achieve something genuinely spectacular within an almost impossible timeframe was vital, but ultimately, how knowledge and experience can pass onto the next generation of pioneers: creating a legacy. 

It was this demonstration of human endeavour and the strength of the individual and collective character that inspired the campaign slogan “Committed to the Long Run”.


Client > ARUP

Production Company >  Hairless Dog Films

Director: Mathew Orzel

Producer: Fergus Miller

Creative Director: Gerardo Ruiz Miñán

Cinematographers: Niels Ahmes, Tobias Deml, Mathew Orzel

Underwater Cinematographer: Daniel Garate

Editor: Gino Moreno

Music and Sound Design: Kevin Pollard

Sound Design and Mix: Timo Säilä

Aerial Cinematography: Niels Ahmes, Tobias Deml, Mathew Orzel, Jack Weisman

Colourist: Tobias Deml

Assistant Director: Fergus Miller

Assistant Producers: Lisset Ariza, Natalia Pena

Gaffer: Diego Barba

Sound Recordist: Bettone Additional Editing: Mathew Orzel

Assistant Editor: Renzo Mas

Animation: Matt Collett

Subtitles: Hiroki Kamada

Additional Camera: Yalfrelys Farreras, Renzo Rivas

Security: Fortuna Security, José Alcantara, Fabian Granara

Transport: Orlando Calvay Merino, Cristobal Noriega, Sergio Ramón Rivas Barraza   

Additional Footage: London Olympic Park, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 

Additional Footage: Lima 2019, OHL Peru

Additional Footage: Lima 2019, Lima 2019

Special Thanks: ARUP family, Ryan Jones, Tori Miller, Maria Gracia Rodriguez Orzel, Sandra Vergara

ARUP Representatives: Chiraag Amarnani, Janki Johri, Nick Merridew, Harry Midwood

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